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Location: Cheyenne, WY
Client: Cheyenne BOPU and Monument Home Builders
Designed: 2019-2020
Constructed: 2021

CivilWorx completed the design of 1.5 miles of 27” sanitary sewer through Allision Draw in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The original concept for the project was to construct a lift station that would transport the sewage to an outfall with limited capacity. Through brainstorming, analysis, and coordination with BOPU it was determined that it would be better to design and construct an interceptor sewer that would service this site as well as open up 4,000 acres in the southern part of Cheyenne for future development.

Three separate routes were analyzed with the preferred alternative to route the sanitary sewer along Allision Draw for 1.5 miles from the Laramie County Community College to the just North of College Drive.  After analyzing and determining the likely future basin flow was determined that the sanitary would be 27” diameter main that includes 2 jack and bore roadway crossings. CivilWorx designed the project and is handling the bidding process and construction administration for the project.

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