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Location: Fort Collins, CO
Client:  SCWSD
Designed: 2020
Constructed: 2020 - 2021

WP1 was designed to strengthen the backbone of the District’s water system. The existing pipe did not have an adequate pressure rating and the trench it was installed in was not bedded properly, if at all. The design for this section assured proper pressure pipe (C900 PVC DR18) with proper trench installation. Mechanical joint restraints were utilized over traditional thrust blocks to minimize space in the ground. The design also cleaned up unnecessary existing water lines. 

During construction, CivilWorx took part in a weekly construction meeting and observed the construction daily for 1-4 hours. Some of the items discussed with the construction crew to assure quality were bedding depth, joint restraint instead of thrust blocks (except at existing connections), proper insertion of water mains, and the use of tandem meter setters.

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