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Worker on Site


Location: Laramie County, WY
Client: City of Cheyenne
Designed: 2021
Constructed: n/a

Civilworx prepared a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) for the owners of the Swan Ranch development in south-central Laramie County. This included the complete development of H&H models for a very large, 7.1 square mile, portion of Clear Creek. This area had no available hydrological or hydraulic modeling available, so all aspects of a floodplain model were developed with this project.

The scope of work required development of floodplain mapping (100-Year and 500-Year) for existing conditions as well as proposed future conditions and submittal to FEMA for approval. This was a largely GIS driven assessment requiring interphase with field survey data and input of a large number of culvert structures. The project was submitted in 2020 and was approved by FEMA in early 2021.

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